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Here is a sample of my work in comics. My main independent project is an adventure/sci-fi webmanga called HOME UNCHAINED. On this page you will find samples from different chapters of this webmanga, as well as a cosmic horror oneshot called LONGEST NIGHT (published through Saturday AM).


Cover art samples from various comic projects.

HOME UNCHAINED - Chapter 9 samples

HOME UNCHAINED is a Sci-fi Adventure manga series that takes place in a fictional world and involves people scientifically known as “variants”, who are born with special abilities. It follows our main character Yui and her friends as they navigate a complicated world and see a path of complicated choices ahead of them. Oh, and they also have to fight a murderous cult. No biggie. All main characters are LGBTQ+ and the pages read from left to right like a regular western series. Chapter 9 is called "Keeping secrets", and here are some pages of it.

HOME UNCHAINED - Chapter 8 samples

Chapter 8 is called "It's been a long day", and here are some pages of it.

HOME UNCHAINED - Chapter 7 samples

Chapter 7 is called "Threat", and here are some pages of it.

HOME UNCHAINED - general page samples

General single page samples from past chapters.


This was a cosmic horror manga oneshot made for Saturday AM's SUMMER OF MANGA 2021 event, where they take in new comic creators with interesting concepts for oneshots.
"It’s the middle of the winter in the south of Brazil and Samanta is enjoying her break from college in her hometown by playing online matches against her girlfriend when a strange and sudden event shrouds the entire town in darkness and silence. She soon realizes that her fear of the dark isn’t the worst challenge that awaits her on this terrible cold night."

LONGEST NIGHT is showcased in its entirety here.