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Here is a sample of my work in comics. My main independent project is an adventure/sci-fi webmanga called HOME UNCHAINED. On this page you will find samples from different chapters of this webmanga, as well as a cosmic horror oneshot called LONGEST NIGHT (published through Saturday AM).


Cover art samples from various comic projects.

HOME UNCHAINED - Chapter 9 samples

HOME UNCHAINED is a Sci-fi Adventure manga series that takes place in a fictional world and involves people scientifically known as “variants”, who are born with special abilities. It follows our main character Yui and her friends as they navigate a complicated world and see a path of complicated choices ahead of them. Oh, and they also have to fight a murderous cult. No biggie. All main characters are LGBTQ+ and the pages read from left to right like a regular western series. Chapter 9 is called "Keeping secrets", and here are some pages of it.

HOME UNCHAINED - Chapter 8 samples

Chapter 8 is called "It's been a long day", and here are some pages of it.

HOME UNCHAINED - Chapter 7 samples

Chapter 7 is called "Threat", and here are some pages of it.